Surrounded by Inspiration

Today was such a great and productive day. After an amazing, physically exhausting weekend of picnics, adventure planning, and camping with Katie, I felt restored. The exhaustion, however great, was well deserved. It was based on the accomplishment of various objectives that we’ve identified as priorities before we embark on our trip to Peru. Achieving them always brings Katie and I closer by allowing us to share experiences, while growing our perspective on life as a married couple.

As we deepen our relationship, we strengthen each other, fueling our capacity to take on new challenges. So as we head into the new week, it’s easier for us to maintain our pace. The focus shifts from getting started to improving; to finding new ways to sustain the acquired feeling. Similar to how one must develop their palate for drinking dry wine, so to must we build our thresholds for challenge. What follows is variety.

The cultivation of perseverance, of waking up tired, yet ready to take on the challenges of the day is truly amazing. We’ve been training our bodies, our minds, our spirits to confront exhaustion head on, with the hopes of living engaging and fulfilling lives. Just as this realization produces a variety of new challenges to confront, so to does it present new opportunities to connect with others who fuel that same drive. The more you persevere, the more your social interactions deepen and grow.

A good example of this is my recent business engagement with a new client, Leanne Valenti at Bento + Picnic. Leanne is a great person, who just so happens to be the significant other of my best friend Ricardo Palomares. She launched her own business recently and has enlisted my help to move the business development forward. She has a great product that is supported by a similar philosophy to Conquer U. In fact, it didn’t take long for me to realize that this is the perfect venture for me to be a part of. Both Leanne and the products she produces, maintain such a great focus on improving the quality of life of it’s customers, vendors, and all others in connection.

Such opportunities are the ones we long for. To be a part of something that comes directly from our heart; something that merges our passions with our strengths. For a creative person such as myself, it’s the freedom of expression and collaboration with someone that appreciates and embraces similar qualities and philosophies. To me, there’s nothing more inspiring than that.


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