Rising Before Sunrise

Today has been a great day and it’s only noon. Katie and I challenged ourselves to get up at 5AM to head over to a 6AM workout class. The class we went to was called City Surf. It was a great way to start our day. A challenge to rise before the sun and a challenge to see the class to it’s end.

After getting home, I immediately went to work. The previous night, I had made sure to update my to do list, so that I’d be able to complete all necessary tasks. It definitely helped as I was able to maintain focus and motivation as I went straight to work closing out the items on my list. I have zero doubts that I’ll be wrapped up before 4PM, granting me the rest of my day to dedicate to exercise and my wife.

Waking up early has become quite important in my new routine. It offers me the chance to do things that I normally wouldn’t, because of time constraints. I can put together a really great breakfast, which is great for my digestive system, attention and daily productivity. Meditation and mid-day naps fall much easier into my schedule, allowing greater balance of energy between the two halves of the day. Most importantly, I can close out tasks before Katie gets home from work, providing us the time and space to focus on each other.

Additionally, it extends my day for more explorative opportunities like taking that Iron Mantis Kung Fu class I’ve been wanting to try out. There’s also a Candlelight Vinyasa class that Katie and I both like to go to. With my tasks complete, I’ll be able to commit to the classes and easily find rest when I lay down for the night.

Yes. It sounds like a busy day, but I’m doing things that I truly want to do. I’m not forcing myself to the gym at a certain time because my schedule deems so. Rather, my schedule is built around these items. In the midst of it all, I still have time to reflect on how great my life is and how well I may be able to enjoy it before its end.

That’s right. I am worried about the end. What will I do? What will I see? What will I feel? These are questions I often meditate on to keep me vigilant. We can’t escape death, so we should do everything possible to confront life. To me, that requires living life with a sense of urgency. Let’s not confuse this type of urgency with the type you have when you’ve woken up late and are in a rush to get to work on time. This is different. This is about waking up and jumping out of bed at the first alarm, not the third or fourth.

When you live with urgency, you take the time to embrace life and reflect on it’s beauty. The truth is that our lives are a gift. Every day you wake, every conversation you have, every warm, loving embrace. They’re all limited, so why not make the most of it? Why not watch the sunrise behind the silhouette of the one you love? Why not spend your mornings absorbing the last remnants of the cool night air?

Understand that this is a crucial part of living a fulfilling life. There are only 24 hours in a day, so if you want to achieve that long list of objectives and goals you’ve identified for yourself, you must give yourself the time do so. Soon enough, you’ll begin to grow; to change; to become a better person; a better you. That’s what Conquer U is all about.

Without urgency, you’ll fall into complacency, fitting the definition of one of Henry David Thoreau’s most important quotes:

hidden waterfall with Thoreau quote


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