At Night’s End

Tonight I left work, riding smoothly down an old familiar course, as I headed for the bus stop. Immediately after walking beyond the doors of my deadened and burdened office building, I absorbed the silence of the night air, with only the whisper of a train’s footsteps edging closer in the distance.

It’s extended cries flowing through the cool moist night, creating a lifting wave of life guiding me home. Even the lights were not immune to the ubiquitous and euphoric embrace of the night’s air. Their shine drifted beyond their normal limits, lighting the wind as it percolated and diffused from mass to space… mass to space.

Amid my observation, I caught a glimpse of the city lights and their false horizon and realized that tonight was tomorrow. Soon, the lights would dim and be overwhelmed by the breaking dawn of tomorrow’s future. Soon, my eyes would dim and my mind would dream of another day… Another light.


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